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White print on black T-shirt

COVID-19: SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS (Update: July 26th, 2020):

We are slowly getting out all US orders which were received starting in March 2020.
Our mail-order is going to be closed for the whole month of August to deal with it.
You can still place an order, but please keep in mind that it is not going to ship before Sept 1st.

At the moment we can't ship to the following countries:
Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, New Zealand.

If you purchased a tracking number and you haven't received it yet, it's because your package is still at our Berlin warehouse. It will be sent to you as soon the restriction is lifted.

Thanks for your understanding, patience and support // TSM

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-Our warehouse is located in Berlin, Germany.
-All EU orders are shipped via airmail and don’t include tracking numbers. If you want one, you need to request it and/or paid for it on top of the standard shipping costs.
Standard airmail is totally at your own risk. A package without a tracking number will not be refunded.
-Most of the time, if a package gets lost, it’s because you have entered in your old / wrong address connected to your Paypal account. Please double-check it before placing your order.
-Please don’t send us a 1000 emails asking where your package is, when it was shipped, when we are planning to ship it etc.... Please practice patience.
-If you are not happy with these terms and conditions, please don’t place an order. We play so many shows and we always bring merch on tour, so you can buy what you want there, but we cannot guarantee all items will be available on tour. Thanks!